I got a ticket…

Tonight, I received a ticket. No, I wasn’t speeding (not that much :P). I didn’t change lanes without signaling. I didn’t rip off the “Do not remove” tag from my mattress. I didn’t even drink from the milk carton, backwash, and place it back in the fridge (not that I’ve ever done that…).

No, I have committed of humanity’s worst sins. Something so dreadful and abominable that it should never be spoken of again.¬† However, I will speak of it anyways, as I am in need of good blogging material.

Indeed, the ticket was from none other than the Grammar Police for this offense that was written in my art challenge post:

“The think-tank wasn’t working too good today…”

Officer Anonymous noted the following:

“It‚Äôs suppose to be well, not good, as in ‚Äúthe think tank wasn‚Äôt working too well today.‚Äù

There’s a lot of things I can dissect in her note, but I’ve got more important things to do rather than read through people’s past blogs and nit-pick at every grammatical error and misspelling.¬† All kidding aside, I know Officer Anonymous and consider ourselves good friends.¬† So I figure it would be good to capture the awkward moment of my citation.

I believe I captured her essence well in this portrait.¬† Quite lovely, isn’t she?¬† Anyways, Officer Anonymous, I have learned my lesson, and I will continue to abide by the Laws of Proper Grammar and to not one more time mess up on those rule ever after.¬† I does promising.