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Welcome to the art website of Nolen Lee, creator of the Punching Pandas.
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Miscellaneous / 23.04.2015

Hey everyone, sorry it's taken me a while to post this, but I finally recovered from the adrenaline drain from the last two comic cons. I've gotten back in rhythm, so it's business as usual. So where do I begin with ECCC and Fan Expo? First of all, I loved it.  I loved the energy of both events. I loved the people I met. I loved seeing the crazy cosplayers. I loved the all the activity happening around the table. Overall, I enjoyed every minute of my first con experience, and I'm hooked! Now let's get into the details.
Announcements, Miscellaneous / 09.12.2009

The day started out like any other.  I woke up at the usual time.  My clothes were pretty casual.  I went to the studio to do some work.  But unlike any day, this one was going to have a special ending.  With some well-wishes from my coworkers and a ring in my pocket, I made my way down to Olwen's office to pick her up.  On they way, I called Desmond to confirm the plans for tonight.  Last year I was the cameraman when Des' proposed to his schoolteacher girlfriend at her elementary school (think Meet the Parents).  I wanted Desmond to be a part of this proposal, so I also asked him to videotape my proposal.  He was in Yakima for an interview and was finishing at 4pm, so we needed to make sure that he was going to be beat to the house before us since Thanksgiving traffic can be unpredictable.  We created some "signals" to use for the trip to time ourselves in the form of two phone calls from Des.  The first call would be to chit chat about his interview; that call would let me know that he was leaving Yakima.  The second call would be to talk about hanging out in Portland with his wife during the long weekend; that call would let me know he was a half-hour away from Portland.  It was kind of cool plan to be covert with the fake calls, but like all well-thought-out plans, we never used them.  Turns out Thanksgiving traffic never showed up on his route, so he beat us home by a good hour and a half.

Announcements, Miscellaneous / 07.12.2009

I had over a month left until the proposal.  The most difficult task now was to keep it all a secret from Olwen.  My main concern was with her parents since they're the ones that I probably would have the least control over.  It turned out that leaks were coming out elsewhere.

After I picked up Olwen from the airport, we headed over to NewGen, my church fellowship.  I had to give Olwen back her car, so I had her drop me off at the fellowship.  We were hanging out on a couch when Christine spotted Olwen and walked up to us.  She welcomed Olwen back and asked about her trip to Rwanda.  And that's when she said, "Wow, you guys have been doing a lot traveling.  Nolen just got back from Toronto."

She did not just say that.

Announcements, Miscellaneous / 03.03.2009

To Mom and Dad for dinner and the Itzhak Perlman tickets (It's really something to see the guy at that age barely get across the stage, sit down, and still play the violin better than I ever could). To my family for their simple, but deeply meaningful gifts. To Olwen for the fancy shmancy pillow and the Domo. To everyone else, for...

Miscellaneous / 12.02.2009

Today I arrived in San Francisco for a much-needed vacation.  The weather was starting to get to me: cold, rainy, dark, and sometimes snowy.  It was time for a change.  Glad to be in another place where the weather is cold, rainy, dark, and...

Announcements, Miscellaneous / 19.11.2008

A couple months ago I was helping with lettering a graphic novel for a manga series called TimeFlyz.  Lettering is where I have to take the dialog from the script and arrange them in the word bubbles.  It was my first time doing this and I learned a few things here and there about how a graphic novel is made. ...

Miscellaneous / 06.11.2008

I would've had this up earlier, but I accidentally left my camera at a friend's place over the weekend.  Last week, Dave filled me in on a special event in promotion of next week's 2D or Not 2D Animation Festival held at the Digipen Institute of Technology.  It was a talk given by legendary animation whiz, Richard Williams.  The guy wrote the book on animation, literally!  Pardon my geeking-out, for those who aren't familiar with him, he is one of the best animators in the biz.  Some of his best known can be seen in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (director of animation), intros for The Pink Panther, and The Thief and the Cobbler, etc.

Artwork, Miscellaneous / 22.06.2008

I didn't have time to post something last night because my bus was late by two hours. Boarding was delayed by an hour, and more time was wasted when the bus had to backtrack to drop off someone in Longview. Earlier in the day, I parked a car on the westside and bused over to work, Fortunately (or unfortunately for lack of material), I didn't have another singing passenger like I did on my last train trip. I did get a chance to chat with a couple guys while standing in line.

I talked with this one teenager when I asked about his guitar. We started chatting a little about music and each other's travel plans. He was heading to Tacoma before eventually reaching So Cal. I then told him that I was heading to Portland for my little sister's graduation party. "Wait," he said, "how old are you?"