The Art of Nolen Lee | Inktober
Welcome to the art website of Nolen Lee, creator of the Punching Pandas.
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Inktober Tag

Artwork / 23.10.2018

Every year, panda do Inktober, but each year, panda get busier and busier. This year, panda do only 5-minute Inktobers with panda drinking hooman coffee drinks....

Artwork / 08.11.2017

It's that time of year again! Time to pop bust out the ink and brushes for Inktober. Last year's drawings took me a long time to finish, I ended up finishing sometime in mid November. This year, I went with smaller sketches so that I could finish them in time especially given how busy life has been lately....

Artwork / 08.11.2016

WHEW! Inktober 2016 is in the books. Time to celebrate with the Party Pandas! The original is available on my shop. I definitely stretched myself thin this year, but I'm glad I was able to finish. I definitely went a bit too detailed and stylized to keep up with the drawing-a-day. I'm going to reconsider doing Inktober for next year, if I...

Artwork / 07.11.2016

This Inktober has been insane. I'm already a week overdue, but let's finish this right! Piledriver Panda for Day 28! The original is available on my shop here....