Every year, panda do Inktober, but each year, panda get busier and busier. This year, panda do only 5-minute Inktobers with panda drinking hooman coffee drinks. Coffee drinks are delicious, but panda can’t seem to sleep. Panda will post the rest of Inktobers after panda finishes nap, but the problem is, panda can’t start nap.

Also, pet hooman, Nolen is also doing Inktober on his Instagram. Sometime drawings look weird, but whatever floats hooman boat, I guess.

It’s that time of year again! Time to pop bust out the ink and brushes for Inktober. Last year’s drawings took me a long time to finish, I ended up finishing sometime in mid November. This year, I went with smaller sketches so that I could finish them in time especially given how busy life has been lately.

I also wanted to try out a bottle of red sumi ink that I’ve had for a while. It says “red sumi” on the label, but it’s more of a reddish orange. I made the drawings as little vignettes of the Panda Pals, and looking for any potential stories I can tell with them.

I’ve also added all of the originals on my store. Enjoy!

WHEW! Inktober 2016 is in the books. Time to celebrate with the Party Pandas! The original is available on my shop.

I definitely stretched myself thin this year, but I’m glad I was able to finish. I definitely went a bit too detailed and stylized to keep up with the drawing-a-day. I’m going to reconsider doing Inktober for next year, if I do I’ll probably have to go with much simpler drawings and probably not doing the “P” theme again for the sake of time. As much fun as it was to work on, there are other projects I want to pursue that will require more of my time. I’m not ready to talk about them yet but I’ll announce it on this website first when the time is right.

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This Inktober has been insane. I’m already a week overdue, but let’s finish this right! Piledriver Panda for Day 28!

The original is available on my shop here.

You could say I’ve been feeling a bit… squeezed for time these days. Things have been busy these past couple of weeks, and I’ve been playing catchup this whole month with these Inktober’s. In the meantime, enjoy this Python Panda for “Day 24.”

The original is available on my shop.