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Welcome to the art website of Nolen Lee, creator of the Punching Pandas.
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red panda Tag

Artwork / 29.12.2017

I'm happy to announce that my entry was accepted into Emerald City Comicon's Monsters and Dames art book. This year's entry also includes a cast of three compared to my last couple of entries.  I will also be tabling at the ECCC artists alley again for 2018, so if you plan on purchasing the art book, come see at Table J4...

Artwork / 21.03.2017

I also made another character to the panda world. Introducing Handy the red panda. His name will make sense eventually. For now, he's the panda's snacking buddy....

Uncategorized / 23.07.2013

Squeezed in a couple hours of zoo sketching over the weekend.  I tried to read a little bit right before I started sketching on how to approach the animal, but I think that made me tighten up a little bit.  The red panda was particular tricky as I wasn't used to sketching him out in the open since normally when...

Uncategorized / 12.05.2013

Seeing as it was going to be one of the last remaining sunny weekends in Seattle for a while, I spent part of my morning at the zoo doing some animal sketches for my mom.  My mom would give me all sorts of books from the library about insects and other bugs, as well as dinosaurs, and rocketships.  As a...