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Took a break to visit Portland this weekend. Got to visit a drive-in at Suburban Chevy in Sandy with my dad and witness one of God’s greatest creations…

[cue angelic music]

Did a quick one in my sketchbook: “When vegetables and fruits don’t get along” by Dara. Thanks for the ideas, guys. Keep ’em comin’!

3 thoughts on “Weekend in Portland”

  1. Real conversation from this weekend with someone I had just met. We were talking about schools. Keep in mind, I had no context what-so-ever…

    “I haven’t really known anyone from U of O, but I do have a friend who went to Oregon state…”
    “What?! How did you know that?!”

    Don’t know if that’s word for word, but it’s about what was said :-P

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Weekend in Portland

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