Some of you may notice on the bottom of my sidebar that I have¬†some Google ads.¬† I put those to track how many people visit this site and just in case anyone decided to click on them.¬† These ads are content-based, which means they change according to what’s on my website.¬† Yesterday, Andrew sent me this screenshot:

Anyways, you might be wondering why there isn’t a drawing up right now.¬† I talked with Kristina some more about the bet and we agreed that the drawings will be due Monday at midnight and that she would have to refrain from World of Warcraft until the end of the calendar year.¬† This allows me to actually have a life (whatever that is) and be able to enjoy myself on Saturday nights.¬†¬†Also, loser has to pay for the winner’s dinner at the Metropolitan.¬† The bet’s still on for this week, so I’ll be sure to get it done tomorrow evening.¬† The creative juices aren’t flowing right now, so I’m going to call it a night.

1 thought on “A small observation and some rule changes…”

  1. Hey! I like your pictures a lot….
    You should do one on a with a people on the top of a plane playing tennis cards or something like that….Have fun.

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A small observation and some rule changes…