Per Jenny’s request.

Why it’s Terrence the Terrific Turtle! Hello, Terrence! Good to see you! My, you are looking quite cheery as always. Every day is a splendid day when Terrence is around. There’s hardly anything that can damper his mood. What was that, Terrence? Well, yes, I did have a good week, thank you for asking! And how was yours? What? What was that? Not very well? Why not Terrence? You are always having a terrific week. Your shell? Your shell is missing? What dreadful news! Do you have any idea where you saw it last? Perhaps you left it by the cleaners. No? Stolen? Oh dear… who would do such a thing? That is troubling news, Terrence. What will you do without your shell? Hmm… strange, but I suppose that will have to do. Well Terrence, it is late, and I must be going. I do wish you well in your search for your shell. Good luck, Terrence and farewell!

2 thoughts on “Turtles!”

  1. Oh, what a sad and grumpy-looking turtle. I like the teapot shell substitute. Maybe Terrence can inherit a new shell that’s better than his old one. Or, he’ll discover that the evil Chuckles swiped it as a part of his naughty strategy to sabotage Olwen’s dinner dates.

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