Spend $400 on a piece of software, and I get this:

I got “garbage” in my computer?¬† What the heck does that mean?¬† (Some people would say it’s because it’s a PC.¬† For those of you who want to argue over Apples and PCs, I don’t care.¬† I like both, and it’s not my computer).¬† So that means, at least for linework, pencil and paper might be the way to go. I could do it in Photoshop like I did before, but I still don’t get the line quality that I want.

I haven’t been posting as frequently this week since I’ve been working on a t-shirt design for a friend’s softball team for this church down in Cali.¬† I’ll post up some of the designs later once they’ve decided on one.¬† I’ll be at the Oregon coast this weekend, so I’ll be doing plenty of pencil and paper work. I liked the feel of the last art challenge and am going to try it again despite losing the bet (I made it way too complicated for that short of time).¬† For now, here’s an excerpt from my sketchbook.¬† It’s an idea I’d like to flesh out a little more in the next coming months.

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Painter is broken