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Recently, I wrapped up some t-shirt designs for a competitive jump rope team in Kirkland called Hot Dog USA.  I was supposed to help them design a banner and a two sets of t-shirts.

For the banner, they wanted design to contain some Seattle landmarks as well as jump rope elements.


For the t-shirts, they wanted one performance tee and a secondary tee for when they’re not performing.  The first was to be in cardinal red and was supposed to mirror the banner.  The second was to be neon green so that the performers will be easy to spot in crowds during travel and break times.  Here’s the performance tee…




… and here’s the non-performance tee.




Here’s the team’s homepage.  You can read more about them in the Seattle Times.

Here’s a video from the same Times article…

Here’s a bunch of YouTube videos…

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Hot Dog!

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