2 thoughts on “20130626_002”

  1. These are wonderful! What is your policy/process for purchasing a copy (even electronic) of the pages? I played Matt Prior in the play and would love to have some of these at hand for posterity. Thanks for attending and for sharing these amazing sketches!

  2. Hey Evan,

    Unless it’s a larger piece where I need to scale it down to show it on the site, most of my sketchbook drawings are scanned at full 300dpi res from an 8″x5″ notepad. You can print these ones if you’d like, just don’t do anything lame like take credit, resell it (unless you wanna make some moolah for me ;) ), yadda, yadda…

    Great job at the show! My friends and I really enjoyed your performances. And thanks for the compliments, it helps to work from strong source material ;)

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