Hey everyone, I’ll be having these two pieces featured in the Gainax Tribute Show held at the Q Pop Shop in Little Tokyo in LA. The show will start at 7pm this Saturday (8/22).

I had a lot of fun working on these two pieces. The first one is a tribute to the show “FLCL” which I watched way back in college. It’s a show about a little boy who’s visited by a moped-riding alien who hits him with a bass guitar causing robots to come out of his head… I’m not making this up, but it’s still a cool show!

The second piece was a tribute to the show “Gurren Lagann”. In the series, humanity lives underground in a post-apocalyptic world until a young digger named Simon comes across a tiny mech with special powers. Teaming up with an older father figure and a sniper from above ground, they battle their way to take out the evil Spiral King. There’s a quote in the series that says, “Your drill will pierce the heavens!” So to capture that quote, I decided to use the timelapse pattern of the stars to give the impression of a spiral.

I’m also posting the timelapse videos and the WIP sketches on my Patreon page at the end of September. You can get access to the rewards by subscribing to the different tier levels.

If you happen to make it to the show or to stop by the gallery in the next month or so, send me a photo or a shout-out on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr) and tag it with #PunchingPandas.  Cheers!

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Gainax Tribute Show