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Birthday Drawing

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In August, I was commissioned to do a birthday drawing of my friend Ann. The conversation went something like this:

Clara: hey

Me: yo

Clara: you think you could draw a cartoon of Ann for her cake

Me: I’ll try my best

So I did my best. And by “best,” I mean procrastinating until two days before the party and working until late at night. Anyways, it turned out alright I guess. I wasn’t able to go to the party, but someone sent me these photos from the party. Happy birthday, Ann!

Ann & drawing




nolenlee dot com

My good friend Joe suggested to me that I switch over from Blogspot to my own domain name, Man, that sounds cool, I’m really digging it. Also, thanks to Joe for hosting me. Hopefully, I can post bigger and better things than before. It’s been a while since I’ve updated the site. Things been busy and I haven’t gotten much of a chance to do any artwork. Alright! Enough of me rambling. Let’s get this site under way! Tally HO!