On Saturday, a few of us went to see Kenaz perform with the Puget Sound Symphony of Seattle during their spring concert.  We were treated to a wonderful opening act of “La Mer” by Debussy.  We finished the evening with “Piano Concerto in F” by Gershwin. Great concert!

Sketches during Puget Sound Symphony of Seattle's performance of Debussy's "La Mer".

Sketches during Puget Sound Symphony of Seattle’s performance of Debussy’s “La Mer”.

Sketch during Gershwin's "Piano Concerto in F." Great show!

Sketch during Gershwin’s “Piano Concerto in F.” Great show!

On Wednesday, Olwen and I met up with a couple friends who became recent baby mama’s.  Later that evening, we went over to Olwen’s uncle and aunt’s, Dai-Bak-Yeh, and Dai-Bak-Leung, house for some hotpot. Also there was Ah-Ma, Low-Dao, Olwen’s eldest aunt, Goo-Ma, Olwen’s cousin Rosa, and her son Justin.  Justin was working last-minute on his French homework and was getting frustrated.  Surprisingly, I was able to help him a little bit with what I knew from English and Spanish.  Of course he had to translate his homework for me, but still…  I helped a Canadian cousin with his French homework, and I DON’T SPEAK A LICK OF FRENCH. ‘Murica.

Thursday was a pretty chill day helping out Jeremy with installing some turf in the backyard.  After grabbing some gelato with Jeremy & Olga after dinner, we met with more friends for more dessert.  While we were chatting, I was trying to draw Phil, but for reason, I couldn’t seem to get his likeness even though I know he has some prominent features.  I drew a couple more frustrating pages with no success.  Maybe I was tired or it was late, but I was getting a bit irritated not getting the sketch down right.  Eventually, I was like, “I don’t get how I can’t seem to draw you!”  to which Olwen replied, “That’s ’cause you haven’t given him a big nose!”  So I drew a big nose, and… well it worked.