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Daily Pandas

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Lately, I’ve been making daily panda drawings as a way to warm up before my real work. If you’re interested in a print, please email me at Enjoy!

Panda Intro

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Here’s a little animation that I finished featuring the Punching Pandas! Enjoy!

CTNx 2015!

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Hey everyone!

I’ll be at Table 167 at the CTNx Animation Expo Nov 20-22 at the Burbank Convention Center. I’ll be there amongst a load of talent, and I’m looking forward to making new friends and learning a lot while I’m there. Really honored and humbled to be among so much talent, but it’ll be fun!

CTNx Location

I’ll also be bringing something pretty cool with me to the show which I’ll be announcing in the next few days. Stay tuned!



Pig and Fox

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I can’t WAIT to see this film.  Congrats to Tonko House for the Oscar nomination!


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“Ryu” is a term used in Japan for dragon. I was reminded of the scene in Spirited Away where the protagonist Chihiro rides on the back of Haku, a river spirit who takes the form of a boy but can also transform into a dragon.  When I first watched the film back in college, I struggled with the conventions of Eastern films and didn’t fully embrace it.  But after seeing it again years later, it has grown to be one of my favorite films that I can watch repeatedly.