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Beauty and the Beast

Princess Comics

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I’m happy to announce some recent work that I completed for a small-time client. Actually, they’re not that little, but their mascot’s is supposed to be, sort of…

It's weird seeing my name in here.

I just received my copies of Disney’s Princess comics, and whaddyaknow! My name’s in them! Both issues are spotlight editions featuring comics for Rapunzel and Belle. My main contributions have been rough layouts and inks. Fortunately, my messy drawings are cleaned up and colored by the talented Brianna Garcia and Mitch Leeuwe. Go check out their work when you get a chance. Below are a couple of strips that feature my layouts.

Below is an Instagram post by comics artist extraordinaire Amy Mebberson who worked on the previous 8 issues including these spotlights editions.

Thanks to Joe Books for reaching out to me for this project. There are more strips to come, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled at your local comics shop for future issues!


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“And every last inch of me’s covered with hair!”