Rose City Comic Con! More Pre-commission slots!

Yesterday, I posted my appearance for Fan Expo Canada in Toronto during Labor Day weekend for my Canadian audience. Today is for my fellow ‘MURICANS. I will be tabling at the Rose City Comic Con down in my hometown of Portland at Table D-10! In addition, I am opening up pre-commission slots for those of you attending RCCC. If you are interested in an ink commission, the starting prices for a single character with minimal background are as follows:

  • 5×7 – $30 USD
  • 8×10 – $45 USD
  • 11×17 – $100 USD

Please email your name, your commission request, and the day you want to pick up the piece to punchingpandas on gmail. After your request has been approved, I will send you my Paypal info and will start on the commission when I receive payment. I’m going to start with 10 commission slots for now, and if I have time for anymore, I’ll open more slots. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Dr. Strange

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Dr. Strange gets a little weird…
Here’s the paint process.  Enjoy!


Seattle-Portland-Toronto Weekend

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Caught the Blazers game on Saturday, flew out to Toronto for Low-Dao’s 60th birthday on Super Bowl Sunday, and just got back to Seattle today.  Go Hawks, and time for bed!

Thanksgiving in Portland

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Weekend in Portland

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Went to Portland for a quick overnighter last weekend.  A few cousins were in town for a short while, so my mom drummed up a family dinner.  Got to squeeze in a few sketches and tried to show my mom how to use a French press for better or worse.

Puddles’ Weekend Adventure! The Finale

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The day started out like any other.  I woke up at the usual time.  My clothes were pretty casual.  I went to the studio to do some work.  But unlike any day, this one was going to have a special ending.  With some well-wishes from my coworkers and a ring in my pocket, I made my way down to Olwen’s office to pick her up.  On they way, I called Desmond to confirm the plans for tonight.  Last year I was the cameraman when Des’ proposed to his schoolteacher girlfriend at her elementary school (think Meet the Parents).  I wanted Desmond to be a part of this proposal, so I also asked him to videotape my proposal.  He was in Yakima for an interview and was finishing at 4pm, so we needed to make sure that he was going to be beat to the house before us since Thanksgiving traffic can be unpredictable.  We created some “signals” to use for the trip to time ourselves in the form of two phone calls from Des.  The first call would be to chit chat about his interview; that call would let me know that he was leaving Yakima.  The second call would be to talk about hanging out in Portland with his wife during the long weekend; that call would let me know he was a half-hour away from Portland.  It was kind of cool plan to be covert with the fake calls, but like all well-thought-out plans, we never used them.  Turns out Thanksgiving traffic never showed up on his route, so he beat us home by a good hour and a half.

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