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Terrence the Turtle

Terrence’s Tale

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NOTE: Sorry I’ve been a little skimpy on the entries for the last two days. I needed to catch up on some much-needed rest. I spent a little more time today to make up for lost time, which means I’ll need some more much-needed rest later :P

It has been quite a while since we spoke with Terrence the Terrific Turtle. Last we heard of him, his shell was stolen and was in need of a replacement. However, we were curious about the events surrounding the abduction of his shell. We managed to meet with him at the local delicatessen. Thank you for meeting with us, Terrence. So chap, how are you feeling as of late?

Hmmm… I suppose things could be better. What did you order today? Soup? What a splendid choice! I heard the soup at this establishment is exceptional, especially the turtle… excuse me… clam chowder. Anyhooty, let’s talk about your shell, how did you lose it?

Oh my. This is indeed unfortunate. I hope the proper authorities will nab that scoundrel. Don’t worry, Terrence, I’m sure you will see your shell again soon, then you’ll be feeling terrific as you did before. Oh, I see your soup is here. We better leave you be. Enjoy your lunch and Godspeed on your search. Farewell!