Hey Portland!

I’m really excited to be tabling at Rose City Comic Con on September 19-20. I’ll be there at Table W5 at the Oregon Convention Center, the flat building with the two shiny glass towers poking out of it close to the Moda Center.  I will have art prints, t-shirts, and magnets available to sell as well as commissions.

Speaking of which, I’m opening up pre-commission slots for Rose City Comic Con! Instead of signing up for a commission at the con and waiting to get it, you can order one right now and pick it up when you visit my table without waiting in line.  I will be offering the following single-character pre-commissions for RCCC:

  • OPTION 1 (available for pre-commission only, order by Tuesday, 9/15): 11×17 color giclee print on matte paper – starting at $80 USD, additional characters – starting at $20 USD each.
  • OPTION 2: 9×12 BW sumi ink original with wash on watercolor paper – starting at $45 USD, additional characters – starting at $10 USD each.
  • OPTION 3: 5×7 BW sumi ink original with wash on watercolor paper – starting at $30 CAD, additional characters – starting at $5 USD each.

Option 2 and 3 will be made available at RCCC. If you would like a commission done, please email me at “punchingpandasart” on Gmail, and provide the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Description of the commission. PLEASE refer to my guidelines for commissions. I need to approve of the commissions before I start them.
  • What day you plan on picking up the commission (Friday 9/19, Saturday 9/20).

Once I have the information, I will provide you with my Paypal info. I will only work on your commission once I receive payment through PayPal.

Here are a few samples of my digital commissions that I did for ECCC and Fan Expo Vancouver earlier in the year.[/vc_column_text]

And here are some samples of my ink commissioned works for Fan Expo Canada this last weekend.

I’m really excited to be at this con, and I might be bring something extra special for you Portland folks. Stay classy, I’ll see you soon!






Just finished up a batch of commissions for my good friend Kevin.  He’s a big fan of the Super Pandas, so I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them. Cheers!

Here are a couple sketches I made during my weekend trip to Las Vegas, or more like during my flight back home from Vegas. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my sketchbook with me when I visited Red Rocks Canyon. Next time, next time…

I recently finished a commission for a client who wanted to include a pig as a companion for one of my pandas.  The three ink drawings revolved around their interests and quirks, namely the wife’s profession as a pediatrician, and the husband’s interest in Reddit.  The last drawing relates to a Hawaii vacation which the client and his wife are probably on right now.  Anyways, hope that’s enough to explain the drawings, but enjoy them anyways.

The rough concepts that I presented to the client.

The rough concepts that I presented to the client.

And that’s a wrap for my first Inktober!  It was a lot of fun, and I definitely learned a ton that I’ll be incorporating in my future work.  Here’s the process video for the Professor Panda, enjoy!

Sorry for the lack of sketches.I went to the studio today and found out the basement got flooded, so they had to cut power and shut down the servers. But at least I got a chance to talk to one of the animators and learned a little a bit about his background. Sometimes I can get a little too focused on my work without taking time to getting to know people on a personal level. I tend to think in the back of my mind that I won’t be in my current situation for very long and as a result, I sometimes don’t see the point in developing friendships and improving the relationships around me. I know I shouldn’t be thinking like this, and today is one of those days that reminded me about how I take some relationships for granted.

Whenever I hear someone’s testimony about how great an experience was at a school, city, vacation spot, etc. I always hear that it’s usually more enjoyable because of the people, and I think that has a lot of truth to that.Yet I still overlook those around me; whether it be forgetting someone’s birthday, not writing a thank-you note for a gift, or give an encouraging word when someone needs it. People have been put in my life for a reason, and it’s on me to make the most of every opportunity that’s provided for me. I’m not sure if this is making any sense, but it’s getting late.

I didn’t have time to do sketches, but I figured I should still post some pictures up. I keep a pocket-sized sketchbook with me for jotting down quick ideas. Anyways, I posted a couple pages below. Sorry if the pictures are blurry, but I’m too lazy to take them again.

P.S. Happy birthday Sung Hon and happy belated birthday Maurice!


Today I tried to work completely paperless. The first sketch was off a 4×6 Wacom Graphire tablet. I dunno, I’m not pleased with the results. I got pretty antsy after drawing for an hour and I needed something a little more… um… sophisticated? The second drawing was done with a Wacom Cintiq. Felt a little better, but I’m still not satisfied. Hopefully, the results will get better the more I practice.


Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. It was good to get a break and see my family again. I had some friends visit from Seattle, and that was a lot of fun to see both my friends and my family interact together.

Lately, I had some trouble trying to come up with anything for these sketches. Part of it was being sick, the other was just getting stressed out about how I draw since I’m putting these on the web for people to see. I check out some artists’ blogs every once in a while and some of them have real valuable information in them. However, it’s tempting to mimic another artist’s style that I find appealing. I realized that, while it is helpful to learn from examples, the burden’s still on me to produce my own style. If I can draw well, but have no style, I’m just a drafter, not an artist.

Anyways, enough of my ranting… here are some of the sketches from last week and tonight. Thanks to Michelle for providing the dogs. They’re so cuuute. Enjoy!

Got a late start tonight. I got pretty dry on my ideas once I got to the third page. I’m feeling a little better with each drawing. I have some books here that will hopefully improve my technique, but I still got a long ways to go. Anyways, enjoy!