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Happy New Year, everybody!!! Boy, does it feel good to start the new year on a fresh note! I love this time of year where you can start new goals on a clean slate. But Nolen, you say, it’s the last day of January, New Years is over. Oh, I guess it is. Well, I’ll still have a post in January. How come you haven’t posted in a while? Uh… I’ve been busy. For a whole month??? Um… yes… but I had a lot going… GET BACK TO WORK, SLACKER!!!

Alright, alright, alright!!!

Here’s the update, folks:

I’ve been in the process of cleaning up my place. It’s mostly the little things like patching up unpainted areas, spackling holes, and repainting the tile around my fireplace… actually, it’s mostly painting the fireplace tile… no, it’s more like repainting the tile and then finding out that the contractor had used crummy spray paint around the fireplace. Since he used non-high heat spray paint, the stuff just bubbles and peels off whenever I light a warm, romantic fire… um… for one, of course…

No problem, I said, I could just sand it down and spray paint it again. But the more I painted, the more of the existing paint came off. And it’s not like the tile underneath looked that great either. So after thinking it over for a little bit, I made the next reasonable choice…




After I was through taking a crowbar to the tile, I realized later at Home Depot that not many places carried 8″ tile, which is what was used all around the fireplace. Good work, smart guy! Hey now, I can figure this out. This little project is still in progress. Hopefully I can finish it up in the next couple weeks.

Things have been going well at the studio. Unfortunately, things were a little busy over at my current job, which took time away from the studio. This week has settled down a bit, so I should be getting more sketch time. I currently have a project that I’m working on. The reason there’s been a lack of art posts is that what I’m working on is proprietary information, so I need to ask my supervisors if I can post certain works. I’m pretty sure when it winds down, I can post the leftovers. I’ll try to fit in time to post up some of my own artwork here and there. I’m also thinking about starting a little comic if time permits. I probably lost most of my readers by dropping off for a month. Hopefully I can get this blog back up and running again.

Anyways, what’s a post without a sketch? It’s not much, and again, I can’t post everything up just yet. I’ll have more coming this year.



[Update: Technically, it’s still January 31st on the west coast, but for some reason the timestamp says it’s February already.¬† So I didn’t miss out entirely on January, but technically I did… um… yeah…]

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