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My Midnight Diner

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Midnight Diner

Last weekend, someone asked me where I could see my art going. When I started my art career, I had dreams of working at a big animation studio or a well-known property for the clout. Nowadays, I want it to be like the Midnight Diner.

Shin'ya Shokudō

Midnight Diner is a show I found on Netflix a few years back that was adapted from a manga called Shin’ya Shokudō by Yarō Abe.  It features a grizzled chef referred to as the “Master” who runs a late-night diner in Tokyo serving a regular group of patrons. There’s a limited menu, but the Master can make certain requests from the customers if the ingredients are available. Each episode centers on a particular customer with a dish serving as the theme for the story.

I like this analogy because the Master is still able to create something memorable and of high quality to a group of people while being small enough to manage. It’s not trying to be a three-star Michelin restaurant empire that dominates the global market. It serves a need to people who are looking to enjoy a delicious meal at an comfortable location.

I think the same could be said for my art. There was a time when I really wanted to work Pixar or Disney or any big studio just so that I can see my name in the end credits. But as time went on that dream lost its luster, and my priorities shifted to more important matters, namely family. Given how things have changed over the years in art, media, and even politics, it’s imperative for me and my family that I create art on my own terms. Whether it be paintings, books, animation, toys, or lanterns, I want to enjoy creating regardless of the end product. Hopefully someone appreciates it to a small degree.

So if you happen to come by this site by chance, take a seat, and have a drink. And if you enjoyed your time here, please come again to visit.

Hugo’s Perfect Picnic Kickstarter is Live!

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It’s been a long time coming, but “Hugo’s Perfect Picnic” is now on Kickstarter! This is an all-or-nothing campaign which means if the funding goal is not met, then the book will not go to print. So far, we are making good progress reaching our campaign, but I would like to have the campaign reach the stretch goals I’ve listed which will release more perks and bonuses to all backers. The campaign ends on November 26, so we have a lot of ground to cover to reach our goals. If you like monsters, cool art, and supporting independent work, be sure to back and share this campaign today!

Ling Ho Huang Commission

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I had the pleasure of making a commission for some friends who wanted an illustration of their family get-togethers. Looks like they have a lot of fun at these gatherings!

Hugo’s Perfect Picnic Sneak Peek

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Here is a sneak peek of a story I’ve been working on. It’s titled Hugo’s Perfect Picnic, and is about a giant gorilla trying to find the perfect picnic spot. It’s based on a gag that I thought about a long time ago, but I felt like I needed to work on this story as a way to test out a new paper-cut style. It was a lot of fun to make, but at the moment, I’m not sure if it’s going to be something that I can self-publish, but in the meantime, I can share some of the art here for you all to enjoy.

Chinese New Year Calendar

This was a set of illustrations I made with TDW+Co for a Chinese New Year calendar to be released by US Bank. Thanks to Abe Wong and the TDW+Co team for working on this project.

Website update

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Hey everyone, I got some big news regarding this website. You might have noticed that I’ve made a few changes on this site and that I am no longer posting anymore panda content on this site. That is because I am posting all Punching Pandas® content on The change has been a long time coming, but I did so because I want to strengthen the pandas brand, but also allow this site to serve as my outlet for other creative endeavors.

One of the big changes to this site will be the removal of the online store. The store will remain functional on and will feature the current catalog on my shop. I’m also updating the catalog with some new products in the new future, so be sure to check the panda store for any updates.

Anyways, there are a few bugs left to figure out, so thank you for your patience if you experience any problems with the new website structure. If you have any questions, please reach out to me on my contact page. Cheers!

Year of Pig

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Happy Year of Pig, hoomans. Pig share a lot of common bonds with panda. Like eating, and snacking, and food, and eating, and snacking…

Monsters and Dames 2019

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Hello, hoomans. Panda here again. Panda have new entry for Emerald City Comicon’s Monsters and Dames art book. Panda getting tired of winter weather. Then again, panda usually tired all the time.

Also, panda will be at ECCC this year at the same table, J4, right next to hooman friends Patrick Ballesteros and Genevieve Santos. Hoomans should come by and visit panda, give high five, and free food.

Pet hooman Nolen also made fancy schmancy timelapse video. And below that, hoomans can also see Monsters and Dames pieces from the previous years.

Panda Plushies in the Shop

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Hello, hooman. Do hooman ever have problem in life? Do hooman feel tired and need more success? Well, guess what panda have for hooman. Introducing the new panda plushie. Panda plushie will fix all hooman problems. Panda plushie will make hooman very successful and handsome. If hooman want to be successful and handsome, pick up plushie panda from panda shop today or else. Fulfill your hooman potential today.


Inktober 2018

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Every year, panda do Inktober, but each year, panda get busier and busier. This year, panda do only 5-minute Inktobers with panda drinking hooman coffee drinks. Coffee drinks are delicious, but panda can’t seem to sleep. Panda will post the rest of Inktobers after panda finishes nap, but the problem is, panda can’t start nap.

Also, pet hooman, Nolen is also doing Inktober on his Instagram. Sometime drawings look weird, but whatever floats hooman boat, I guess.

Coloring Book Now Available!

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Panda just made new coloring book for hoomans available on panda shop. For some reason, hoomans like putting colors on black and white panda drawings. In panda’s opinion, black and white drawings look just fine. Or if hoomans have no money, hoomans can sign up for email list and receive free five-page sample of coloring book that has black and white drawings that look just fine as black and white drawings.