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Midnight Diner

Last weekend, someone asked me where I could see my art going. When I started my art career, I had dreams of working at a big animation studio or a well-known property for the clout. Nowadays, I want it to be like the Midnight Diner.

Shin'ya Shokudō

Midnight Diner is a show I found on Netflix a few years back that was adapted from a manga called Shin’ya Shokudō by Yarō Abe.  It features a grizzled chef referred to as the “Master” who runs a late-night diner in Tokyo serving a regular group of patrons. There’s a limited menu, but the Master can make certain requests from the customers if the ingredients are available. Each episode centers on a particular customer with a dish serving as the theme for the story.

I like this analogy because the Master is still able to create something memorable and of high quality to a group of people while being small enough to manage. It’s not trying to be a three-star Michelin restaurant empire that dominates the global market. It serves a need to people who are looking to enjoy a delicious meal at an comfortable location.

I think the same could be said for my art. There was a time when I really wanted to work Pixar or Disney or any big studio just so that I can see my name in the end credits. But as time went on that dream lost its luster, and my priorities shifted to more important matters, namely family. Given how things have changed over the years in art, media, and even politics, it’s imperative for me and my family that I create art on my own terms. Whether it be paintings, books, animation, toys, or lanterns, I want to enjoy creating regardless of the end product. Hopefully someone appreciates it to a small degree.

So if you happen to come by this site by chance, take a seat, and have a drink. And if you enjoyed your time here, please come again to visit.

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My Midnight Diner

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