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On Wednesday, Olwen and I met up with a couple friends who became recent baby mama’s.  Later that evening, we went over to Olwen’s uncle and aunt’s, Dai-Bak-Yeh, and Dai-Bak-Leung, house for some hotpot. Also there was Ah-Ma, Low-Dao, Olwen’s eldest aunt, Goo-Ma, Olwen’s cousin Rosa, and her son Justin.  Justin was working last-minute on his French homework and was getting frustrated.  Surprisingly, I was able to help him a little bit with what I knew from English and Spanish.  Of course he had to translate his homework for me, but still…  I helped a Canadian cousin with his French homework, and I DON’T SPEAK A LICK OF FRENCH. ‘Murica.

Thursday was a pretty chill day helping out Jeremy with installing some turf in the backyard.  After grabbing some gelato with Jeremy & Olga after dinner, we met with more friends for more dessert.  While we were chatting, I was trying to draw Phil, but for reason, I couldn’t seem to get his likeness even though I know he has some prominent features.  I drew a couple more frustrating pages with no success.  Maybe I was tired or it was late, but I was getting a bit irritated not getting the sketch down right.  Eventually, I was like, “I don’t get how I can’t seem to draw you!”  to which Olwen replied, “That’s ’cause you haven’t given him a big nose!”  So I drew a big nose, and… well it worked.

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Toronto 2013, Part 3

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