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Birthday Print for Mom

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Here’s a print that I did for my mom commemorating her trip to Norway. Here’s to you, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Addison!

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Bday present

This was a long overdue post, but here’s a little sketch that I did for Olwen’s birthday present.  The flight theme was based on her childhood dream of becoming a pilot, and although she never got the chance to fight the Red Baron, she did take her first flight lesson this year with me in the back holding on to dear life.  Kudos to Galen and the crew over at Grove for doing this on short notice, fantastic job as usual.  Check out some of their other super-cool stuff here. Super cool.

Here’s the initial sketch…


And here’s the final product.


Birthday thanks

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To Mom and Dad for dinner and the Itzhak Perlman tickets (It’s really something to see the guy at that age barely get across the stage, sit down, and still play the violin better than I ever could).

To my family for their simple, but deeply meaningful gifts. To Olwen for the fancy shmancy pillow and the Domo.

To everyone else, for all their birthday wishes that flooded my inbox and voicemail.  Thanks! :)