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Fan Expo

A Week in Toronto

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I’m back from my week in Toronto for Fan Expo Canada 2015. What a week!

Overall Fan Expo Canada was a lot of fun, and I plan on signing up again. The parts I enjoyed the most was catching up with old friends, making new ones, and the conversations that I got to have friend friends and fans alike.

This was my first time at Fan Expo, and it was by far the biggest one that I’ve tabled at. Overall, things weren’t as stressful as I thought they’d be, and I actually felt pretty relaxed while I was there, much more so than the commute. After this weekend, I feel pretty good moving forward and applying to other large cons.

I got a good share of commissions, a couple of them were pretty wacky, but I had fun.  Seemed like the theme for Fan Expo was pandas and girls, but I enjoyed making each and every one of them. I mean, I get to draw a Hellboy and a Furiosa panda, how cool is that?



I also got to meet a lot of talented artists and see some of their work. Sorry if I missed anyone, there’s just so much talent out there! Thomas AuMaruti Bitamin, Kyle James Smith, Gabe Sapienza, Genevieve FT, Nneka Myers, Melvin Yuen, Amanda J. Martin, Lee Ann Dufour, Chris Uminga, Matthew Fletcher, Mike Brodie, Kalvin Kulz, Derek Ho, Kenny Whaa, Glen Specter, Nathan Alcee, Ian Herring, Brian Hoang, and Gillian Newland.


Now that I’m back in Seattle, I’m getting a little moment to breathe, but not for long! Rose City Comic Con is coming up fast, see you soon, Portland!



Fan Expo Canada Pre-Commission Slots are now OPEN!

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Hey everyone! It’s time for pre-commissions! I’ll be attending Fan Expo Canada at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, September 3-6. I haven’t received my table assignment yet, but check back to this post next week for an update.

You can sign up for pre-commissions by emailing me at “punchingpandasart” on Gmail. Please review my submission guidelines here, and make sure you follow the directions otherwise I will not accept them.

As a special promotion for Fan Expo, all prices for pre-commissions for Fan Expo Canada will be in CAD. This will only apply to pre-commissions that will be delivered at Fan Expo. Here’s a rundown of the prices:

  • OPTION 1: 11×17 color giclee print on matte paper – starting at $100 CAD, additional characters – starting at $30 CAD each.
  • OPTION 2: 9×12 BW sumi ink original with wash on watercolor paper – starting at $50 CAD, additional characters – starting at $15 CAD each.
  • OPTION 3: 5×7 BW sumi ink original with wash on watercolor paper – starting at $30 CAD, additional characters – starting at $10 CAD each.

Please contact me at “punchingpandasart” on Gmail. At this time, commissions for Fan Expo Canada will take priority over non-Fan Expo commissions. If you are interested in a commission but are not attending Fan Expo to pick it up, I will get to those as soon as I return to the States. I will also have a follow-up post for those of you attending Rose City Comic Con in Portland. Stay tuned!

Looking forward to seeing all you Torontonians! It’s gonna be fun!