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hooded crane

Easter Weekend sketching

Spent a good part of the afternoon hanging out with the Higashi boys sketching at Woodland Park Zoo.  It was pretty awesome weather which we haven’t seen for a while.  The rest of Seattle noticed as well and decided to pack the zoo to the rim.  I hadn’t done animal drawings for a little while so there was a little rust that I needed to shake off.  One of these days, I’m going to get something out of these brush pens!  Nate, Josh, and Andrew had a really great time and were loving the sketching even though drawing live animals is one of the hardest things to do.  We even got a lot of compliments from strangers about our sketches!

Later that day, Olwen and I got to swing by the UW campus to get a glimpse of the cherry blossoms in the quad before grabbing dinner and heading out to the Holy Saturday service over at Blessed Sacrament.  Other than a funeral, this was my first vigil, which ended up being, as my friend Lawrence who invited us described, the “mother of all vigils.”  I probably didn’t get all the etiquette involved with a Catholic service, but it was quite a spectacle to witness. Despite the three-hour duration, I could sense the joy behind all of the singing, readings, and prayer and how every article and gesture seemed to have a purpose behind it.