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Sketch Session No.4

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Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. It was good to get a break and see my family again. I had some friends visit from Seattle, and that was a lot of fun to see both my friends and my family interact together.

Lately, I had some trouble trying to come up with anything for these sketches. Part of it was being sick, the other was just getting stressed out about how I draw since I’m putting these on the web for people to see. I check out some artists’ blogs every once in a while and some of them have real valuable information in them. However, it’s tempting to mimic another artist’s style that I find appealing. I realized that, while it is helpful to learn from examples, the burden’s still on me to produce my own style. If I can draw well, but have no style, I’m just a drafter, not an artist.

Anyways, enough of my ranting… here are some of the sketches from last week and tonight. Thanks to Michelle for providing the dogs. They’re so cuuute. Enjoy!