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“What Tools Do You Use?”

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Sometimes I’m asked, “What pen do you use?” or “What kind of pencil is that?”  or “What kind of tablet do you like?” I’ve been asked about my art supplies so much now, that I think it’s helpful to provide a blog post about the topic.

Before I go into my art supplies, I need to say that it doesn’t matter what tool an artist uses, it’s the artist behind the tool that matters. While working with good art tools is nice, it’s the artist’s fundamentals that provide the foundation for great art.

It would be too long of a post to talk about all of my art supplies. So for now, I’ll show what art supplies I use for my inkwork and for when I sketch on the go. I also provided links below to each item in case you’re interested in finding them for yourself.Read More »“What Tools Do You Use?”