Caught the Blazers game on Saturday, flew out to Toronto for Low-Dao’s 60th birthday on Super Bowl Sunday, and just got back to Seattle today.  Go Hawks, and time for bed!

Visited Pike Place Market with Olvie.  While we were there, she asked for a few pointers on drawing.  It wasn’t my best sketching day, but that didn’t matter given how nice of a day it was.

A little late, but congrats to Sung Hon and Cola for tying the knot!

I got back from spending this last weekend with the in-laws in Vancouver for a wedding of their family friends.  Usually when I am with them, it usually ends up becoming a Chinese lesson with me providing the laughs as I struggle with my broken Cantonese.  Here are some of the notes.

Getting ready for bed after a busy weekend.  I got a chance to hang out with Dad as he was in town for a conference and was looking to make some contacts at the flight museums for his book about my grandpa’s days during WWII.

Olwen and I also had babysitting duties Saturday and today for some of the families at our church.  Fortunately, the weekend concluded with a nice relaxing dinner at the Chan’s.

Just got back today from a 5-day trip from Maui for Albert and Min’s wedding.  A few sketches from the trip…

This was a long overdue post, but here’s a little sketch that I did for Olwen’s birthday present.  The flight theme was based on her childhood dream of becoming a pilot, and although she never got the chance to fight the Red Baron, she did take her first flight lesson this year with me in the back holding on to dear life.  Kudos to Galen and the crew over at Grove for doing this on short notice, fantastic job as usual.  Check out some of their other super-cool stuff here. Super cool.

Here’s the initial sketch…


And here’s the final product.