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0… the end?

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So we’re down to zero today, and we’ve reached the end of our story.  For those of you who have been following these drawings since it started at #30, you might be wondering what was the point of this story.  Actually, it began with the end in mind.  The story itself doesn’t necessarily represent anything, it was more of a means to an end.  At the beginning of the month, I wanted to do a series of drawings for every day of the month leading to today, but couldn’t think of anything to lead up to it.  #30 was sort of a random idea that was in my head that evening, and even then I didn’t know how it was going to get to the end.  I kinda had to figure out on the fly how the story was going to finish.  About halfway through, I finally had to sit down and plan out the rest of the drawings to make sure I had enough days to finish it.  I had always wanted to draw this picture for a long time, but the timing was never right.

Or , if you want to go in a more roundabout way, you could say I was too chicken to draw it.

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