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Thanks everyone for coming out to the birthday weekend. I have to say that I truly feel blessed and amazed for having met so many great people since I moved to Seattle. Honestly, I didn’t feel like having a party, but good friends don’t keep you for having a good time. A big thanks to the following: to Waiki for getting the ball rolling and organizing the crazy mess; to Andrew for opening his house to the madness; to Derek, Scottie, and Glenda for the “mystery cake and donettes” on my front door; to Lisa for staying up and baking loads of cupcakes; to Carol and Darwin for their encouragement and inspiration; to Maurice and Pascal for the Buddha bowl that became the life of the party; and finally, to Olwen, Dave, and Waiki, who, in traditional Canadian fashion, put the icing on the cake. And by “icing,” I mean a plate of whipped cream, and by “cake,” I mean my head. Thanks guys, I had a blast!

I gawt happy-birthdayed…

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Birthday afterthoughts

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