Hey everyone! Sorry it took this long to get some new stuff out, but things have been going pretty good at the studio. One of the critiques that I’ve received on my work has been my “camera,” or how I’m positioning my shots. So from here on out, you might see some photography here and there as part of my exercise. Anyways, here’s my latest work. I started a couple weeks ago doing the line work and it took me a while to figure out how to paint it since I never did a night shot before. They’ll be more coming, so stay tuned…


UPDATE: I realized I had a couple noticeable errors, so I decided to update the drawing. Also, this drawing is rededicated to the memory of Nani.  Thanks for your input guys!

For those of you who don’t know Nani, she was the pet rabbit of a friend.¬† A moment of silence…

5 thoughts on “New art”

  1. very cool nolen!

    I think one minor thing that would make it even better is adding some shadows to the dues in the foreground (since it’s backlit)

    nice work! love the feel!

  2. Thanks dude, this is really awesome. J and I will be printing this up and framing it next to nani’s memorial. We are both touched..

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New art

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