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Here’s the sketch idea that Eric suggested yesterday:

“draw me a picture of a class room full of [something random]”

Yes, Lord Eric! Your wish is my command!


Can you find the culprit?

An inside joke. One of my friends was complaining about her laundry list of important things to do. Upon being told to finish the work instead of chatting, she defiantly told me I couldn’t “crack the whip from Seattle.” I know, it’s not that funny, but whatever, I don’t care. So Yuki, now everyone here knows that you’re slacking. Stop chatting and get back to work.


I’ve also been getting a lot of comments about the polar bear/turtle that I posted a couple days ago. So far, “Burt” and “Snuffles” were suggested. “Burt” was good, but might sound a little ordinary to some folks, but we’ll call him a polar burtle (polar bear + turtle). I could do something like Buffles, but then that sounds too much like “buffalo.” Glenda suggested “Puddles,” but that doesn’t make much sense for a polar burtle (why am I writing this?), so we’ll slap on some red rain boots for good measure. So there you have it: Puddles, the polar burtle with his red rain boots scratching his head because he’s just as confused as the rest of you.


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