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Today, I had a chat with a friend regarding video games. For a while, she went cold-turkey on World of Warcraft for a little while but then today relapsed to her old ways. I jokingly chastised her about breaking her vow and told her she couldn’t play that game until her newborn son could walk. So out of that, we made a bet. She has to stay away from WoW until her son is able to take 20 steps unassisted while I have to produce at least one “produced” drawing a week by 12:00 am on Sunday. And by “produced,” she means at the quality of the monster bunny picture I made a while back. Initially, the wager was coffee (not the cheap stuff), but once the bet got bigger, we’ll have to do something else.

I don’t think we’re starting the bet this week, since I’ve already lost 3 days. The good news is that you’ll start getting (hopefully) better, or at least interesting, drawings every Sunday. The bad news will be me tearing out my hair trying to figure out what to draw every Saturday night. I’ll try to keep up the sketches as frequently as I can. If anything, it’s practice, and this will force me to get faster with my work. If you guys have ideas for the Sketches of the Day, add a comment to his post.

The think-tank wasn’t working too good today…




I’ve dinked around with this character for a bit, but haven’t settled on a design yet. I feel like I’m starting to get what I want in this design. I imagine her being some kind of pilot or flying around on something high above. I’ll revisit this one later.

6 thoughts on “An art challenge…”

  1. I really like all these sketches, the first one is funny. How bout a monkey playing tennis…jk

  2. Bunnies? I want to see that picture.

    Can you change your wordpress settings so it shows the full text in your rss feeds rather than just a summary?

    It’s under Settings -> Reading

  3. Thanks for updating how your RSS feeds show up! This is much better for my aggregator. =)

    How about snippet out of allergic girl’s life? Imagine walking through the food-vendor ridden streets of NYC, smelling the yummy aromas, with you mouth watering, and fully aware you couldn’t have any of it because of your food allergies? >_<

    Or, perhaps you could draw a sketch of a bubble girl, sadly needing to shield herself from the urban pollution she lives in. =\

    Sorry Nolen, these are probably some lame ideas but I would welcome turtle pictures, lots of turtle pictures! Perhaps a comical redition of the tortoise smoking the hare a race (because the hare’s too fat).

  4. It’s suppose to be well, not good, as in “the think tank wasn’t working too well today.”

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An art challenge…

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