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Last week, near the end of the day, I¬†was chatting with my friend to¬†see if she was going to a friend’s birthday dinner.

Olwen: i’m meeting my friend for dinner over in Seattle

Me: ah, gotcha… who’s this “friend?”¬† hmmmMMM?

Olwen: hahaha… who wants to know?

Well I want to know!¬† Who could¬†this mysterious “friend”¬†be?¬† A handsome young playboy?¬† A filthy rich¬†oil tycoon?¬† Smokey the bear?¬† Hmm…

9 thoughts on “Dinner date”

  1. HAHAHAHA! OMG. Wow, I’m impressed Nolen. Have you been stalking me on all my dates?!

    Andrew, don’t start rumors. It wasn’t JUST Victor ;)

  2. No, it wasn’t just Victor. Andrew Ma…=P.

    I knew it was Olwen before I even read your text, Nolen! The depictions look great!

  3. hey Nolen, you could be the big panda bear!
    Are you jealous of the big panda? or the robot? or how about the freaky oil tycoon dude?

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Dinner date

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