A friend for Puddles

Lately, Puddles has received a lot of comments, notably from a lot of females. They usually run along the lines of, “Awww, he’s so CUTE!” While there’s nothing wrong with getting compliments from girls for cute animal drawings (take note guys), I do feel like I’ve neglected my male fanbase (all 4 of them). Maybe guys aren’t the complimenting-the-cute-hybrid-animal types. I guess I wouldn’t expect guys to post comments like, “i <3 puddles,” or, “…so adorable!”

(On second thought… checked the comments, scratch that last one out.)

Maybe the guys need someone they can relate to. Puddles needs a friend. He does seem lonely (aside from the dates with Olwen), spending his time scratching his head and confused in his red boots. He needs a pal who will tag along with him and go fishing, play in the rain, and race chipmunks.

He seems like a nice guy, right?