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3 thoughts on “Weekly art challenge No.1”

  1. So I stumbled on your site from Olwen (Jenny and Andrew are my friends too) and I have to say that your drawings are awesome. I’m sure Jenny would appreciate this one that was borne of her suggestion. ;)

  2. Hahaha, the girl looks so happy in her shiny protective bubble! Perhaps some NYC sklyine (Chrysler Bldg, Empire State Bldg, City Hall, etc.) could have been a good touch, too. However, this happy girl in her bubble on her merry way looks great!

    Wow, it looks like my good friend from SF has caught on to your great art, Nolen. Maybe your fame will spread even further and wider now..;-)

  3. ok try this
    a girl getting hit in the head with a soccer ball and getting a concussion, that was me on Saturday =D

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Weekly art challenge No.1

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