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Alright, so I got this maybe a smidgen late, but it’s CLOSE ENOUGH. I’m going to take another rule liberty and blame it on IE. For some reason I can’t upload media to WordPress through Firefox, so I have to use IE. I would have gotten this in on time if IE had not took forever loading a BLANK PAGE!

Anyways, Kristina, I hope you’ll still accept this entry barring my latest excuses.

I reposted the picture with a couple changes. This was an idea I had stewing for a while. I would post these at 1200×1600, but the image is too big for WordPress. I haven’t heard many new suggestions from anyone, so keep ’em comin’!

2 thoughts on “WAC No.2 Comments”

  1. Joseph Boquiren

    Yes. It certainly looks like a Studio Ghibli screenshot. Your work is looking better every day, Nolen.

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WAC No.2 Comments

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