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Today is the start of my first week as a full-time artist.  To christen this ambitious journey, I’ve decided to draw…


3 thoughts on “My first week”

  1. Now that you have become a fulltime artist, can you please draw some cute pictures for my baby girl?

  2. That picture is so good that I decided to trace it over, and over again. I can’t believe how you draw. You are a proper artist. Well if you’re not…
    Then work on being a proper artist! It’s really easy. I have managed to draw three horses and they look gorgeous. One is Fantasy Filly 2. Fantasy Fairy 3. ChiBi Horse! Yeah, so loo you have to work on being a proper artist. Practising really works for a rookie!!! (That’s the information for if you’re not an artist.) OK. I hope I helped you today. Try and work on getting onto the Gold Rank if your not :)

  3. The picture is really good, I mean, look at all that detail… But on the puppy… What the scribble for? You see… I’m not blind. So…It still looks cool, but maybe you should just get rid of the scribble. I know you can’t do it now, but you should of thought of that in the first place, you know what I mean. Well…It is very astonishing to see artistic pictures on the internet. You draw the best animal pictures. But I bet you can’t get onto the Gold Rank, If you know Claude Monet… He is a French artist, eh? Am I right? Yes I am. He is an artist as well. So…Sir/ma’am… I think it looks fine the way it is now. It’s very, very beautiful. But I thought on the spotty dog, the drawing was bit childish… Just the spotty dog. But the rest was OK. I just wondered if you could have done shadows for each one. That’ll make it even better :P Oh and if you seen that you could have drawn them in a line so you could add a path. OK. That’s all from me. ‘Till tomorrow. Ooh, ooh! I am gonna comment on your other beautiful pictures, too.
    Bye-bye for now Sir/ma’am! :D :) :P :( :| :S

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My first week