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Inktober 2018

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Every year, panda do Inktober, but each year, panda get busier and busier. This year, panda do only 5-minute Inktobers with panda drinking hooman coffee drinks. Coffee drinks are delicious, but panda can’t seem to sleep. Panda will post the rest of Inktobers after panda finishes nap, but the problem is, panda can’t start nap.

Also, pet hooman, Nolen is also doing Inktober on his Instagram. Sometime drawings look weird, but whatever floats hooman boat, I guess.

Art in Cafe Cesura

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Hey everybody! Just want to let you all know that I am displaying my art at Cafe Cesura for the month of June. Come swing by, grab a coffee, and enjoy (cough… cough… BUY) some art! Cheers!